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-- August 21, 2005 --

We're back up and running friends. Sorry about the down time but crashing's a hard thing to recover from man. To quote the Grateful Dead; "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been."

-- January 22, 2005 --

Hey groovy people! That long psychadelic trip you've been on has finally brought you here. Here is the the Only Offical Grandma's Rockers Web Site.

Thanks for checking us out. Look to this home page for all the coming news about Grandma's Rockers. Visit the Band History page. Check out the bio pages of the members. go to the Buy Stuff page where you can get info on purchasing your own copy of the original Grandma's Rockers Vinyl album (see photo). You can also order CDs of the original album and newer music projects. In the future there'll be info on yet to be released projects. Contact Jim Marousis or Larry Williams if you have any questions not found on the pages. There's a Comments page where you can make suggestions, critiques, and report any broken links. Remember, be cool, not harsh beautiful people.

Thanks again..........Grandma's Rockers

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