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My mom inspired me to start playing acoustic guitar when I was about twelve. Larry's dad taught him some guitar chords in those early days, and then Larry would teach them to me. We started off playing folk music at school and in nursing homes. We all sang in the high school choirs under the very able guidance of Jamie's mom.GRs0002med.jpg

Our first gig was in 9th grade. We drove 40 miles each way, played a three-hour dance, and got paid $10. For the whole band! We continued playing together for about 6 years, often renting a hall somewhere in rural eastern Iowa, putting up our own homemade signs, and collecting a buck a head at the door. No beer, no security, turn up the amps and let your friends boogie down!! It was a great time and the band became close, friendships that we enjoy and cherish to this day.

I've continued to play and write music (we have all grown to become songwriters over the past 35 years or so): as a solo acoustic act; in the Sunset Highway Band, an acoustic duo with my wife; and presently in an electric four-piece band called Night Class (three of us are teachers). Live music is in my blood!

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