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Jamie has almost continually been involved in making music, beginning with school choirs and his first band, the Rockers. In 1969, he played in Norton, a three-piece band that teding across Iowa and Wisconsin featuring songs from such greats as Cream, Hendrix and the Stones.

Later he played in The Guys in the Band with his brother Chuck and Dave Lange from Grandma's Rockers. This was followed by Screamin' Dogs, a top 40's band in Lawrence, Kansas and the house band for the Town House in Dubuque, Iowa.

For the past nine years Jamie has been playing in a contemprary Christian band at King of Kings Lutheran Church in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He is also a member of Rockthrow, with Kevin Brixius, and does session work in Minneapolis as well.rockers_pic1med.jpg

About his time with the Rockers, Jamie feels that "playing with your best friends is great. Anytime you're together with people that long it's like a family. Playing successfully like we did in high school is a real confidence booster. It gives you the feeling that you can do anything in life, and now it's such a creative outlet. It's just FUN! Playing with the Rockers is just like going home."

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